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Accessibility statement

Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for all users. We strive to make our website user-friendly and accessible to individuals of all abilities.

Burning cigar emitting aromatic smoke, capturing the essence of a rich and flavorful experience at Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge.

Accessibility Features:

  • Alt Text: Images on our website are equipped with descriptive alt text to aid users with screen readers.

  • Keyboard Navigation: Our site is designed to be navigable using standard keyboard controls for users who may not use a mouse.

  • Clear and Simple Design: We aim to maintain a clear and straightforward design to enhance usability for all visitors.

  • Consistent Structure: The structure of our web pages is organized consistently, facilitating easy navigation.

Ongoing Efforts: We are continually working to enhance the accessibility of our website. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at

Maduro Mobile Cigar Lounge is dedicated to providing an inclusive online experience and values the input of our users.

Last updated: November 2023

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