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Exploring Hookah in a Cigar Lounge Debate: Hookah in a cigar lounge? I don’t think so!!!

In recent years, the debate over whether hookahs should be allowed in cigar lounges has sparked discussions within the cigar community.

While some argue that hookahs disrupt the traditional atmosphere of cigar lounges, others advocate for inclusivity and the celebration of diverse smoking cultures. In this blog, we want to hear your thoughts into the nuances of the hookah in the cigar lounge debate. Do you think it's about exploring different perspectives, traditions, culture, or community dynamics at play?

I believe cigar lounges have been ingrained with tradition, culture for cigar aficionados to indulge in their passion for cigars. Cigar smokers enjoy the history, craftsmanship, sophistication, aromas, and family type of atmosphere.

To me, hookah smoke introduces different sets of rituals, aromas, and demographics of people. With that being said, I personally would not want hookah being smoked in the area where I am smoking my cigar. What about you?

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